The experience allows them to dream bigger; to see the world as every young person should see it— which is full of opportunity, excitement, joy, and challenge. We see the transformation when they come back from the river.
— Leah Breen, New Avenues for Youth

Bring Your Organization On The River

Currently LEAP partners with six non-profit organizations in the Portland, Oregon and Sun Valley, Idaho areas.  


Every LEAP partnership starts with a need. We require that our partner organizations serve a community of individuals who are experiencing life challenges or adversities. Some examples of the challenges LEAP participants face include severe burn trauma, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), homelessness, lack of social or economic resources, and grief of a family member.  


When we find an organization or an individual—or they find us—we'll first have a conversation about the group of people they are serving and the challenges those people face. Together, we can identify the benefits and concerns both parties have, and ultimately, decide if a LEAP program is a good fit for the potential partner organization.   


Once we have established a partnership with an organization, we'll start planning for our four-night and five-day journey that will take place on the Lower Salmon River in Idaho. LEAP staff will guide designated staff from the partner organization through the process of recruiting participants,  preparing the group for the river, scheduling transportation and managing other logistics. 

The partner organization is responsible for transporting participants to Hammer Creek Campground in White Bird, Idaho and from the take-out in Clarkston, Washington. Once the participants get to Hammer Creek, LEAP takes care of the rest including programming, food, equipment and car shuttles.

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