River lingo 2/4

This is the second in a series of four posts. Many of these glossary terms are used in the whitewater community, along with some that are specific to LEAP and our sister company, Orange Torpedo Trips (OTT). This week we have some river feature and equipment terms!

Confluence: Where two rivers meet. The Salmon ends at its confluence with the Snake river.

Eddy: An area that flows counter to a main current or is flat, generally what follows a larger obstacle in the water, what we catch when we don’t want to continue downstream.

Hole: A spot after/below a rock where the water recirculates, often dangerous and should be avoided.

Riffle: A small “rapid” usually caused by shallow water with some rocks underneath creating small waves, generally what we call something under class II.

Pourover: When water flows over a rock and drops immediately after that rock, creating a hole or a fun rapid.

Standing wave: A wave formed when swift water slams into slow water- the crest remains in place while the water under it continues forward.

Feathered: Refers to a paddle with perpendicular ends, rather than facing each other.

Guide clip: The leash attached to a guide’s boat to be used for towing another IK behind them (after you fall out).

‘Biner: Short for caribiner, the clips used to attach things like a water bottle to a D-ring on a boat.

D-ring: A D shaped ring often on the side of a raft, easy for attaching straps or a carabiner.