LEAP whitewater kayaking programs are a chance to gain self-confidence, build trust and community, experience peace in nature, and reclaim your life.

About the Program

With guidance and coaching from LEAP leaders, you will travel 53 river miles and camp under the stars for five days and four nights. Off the water, we will have group activities, reflections and delicious meals. 

About the River

We will be paddling 53 miles of class I-IV whitewater on the Lower Salmon River in Idaho!  Expect to encounter many different river features, from flat water, eddies and big waves, to beautiful canyons and exciting rapids! You can view the map of our paddling route here

About Our Crafts

We offer two boating options: single-person inflatable kayaks and a paddle raft.

We strongly encourage participants to try paddling our custom-designed inflatable kayaks. LEAP believes this “paddle yourself” experience is at the heart of why our program is special. The challenge of making decisions, facing fears, and mastering a new skill helps participants transform and build self-confidence.

We also offer a paddle raft option where up to eight participants can paddle as a team with a LEAP guide in commands steering through rapids. The paddle raft will always be an option should any participant feel uncomfortable or wish to switch out of their inflatable kayak.

If you have questions about your ability to participate, please contact LEAP or your program organizer. 


You will get to sleep under the stars for the duration of the program! Most folks choose to use their inflatable kayak as a mattress to sleep on with a provided sleeping bag. Tents and sleeping pads are available if preferred, or in cases of rainy weather conditions. 

Food and Drink

Energy-packed meals are cooked riverside by the program staff. Snacks and water refill will always be available throughout the day on the river. 

We can accommodate vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, lactose intolerant, and most food allergies. Please be sure to let us know of any preferences or allergies when you fill out the form to register.


If you have any questions, please email us with your organization name in the subject line at info@leapadventure.org


Info & Logistics


Our guides are specifically trained to run programs with safety as the highest priority. LEAP guide training and preparation includes but is not limited to: river guiding, whitewater specific risk-management, and trauma-informed training for best serving each community. Satellite devices are carried on all programs.

Communication While on the River

Participants may bring cell phones to the put-in to call home and let people know you have safely arrived. Plan to be out of communication for the duration of the program. Once we’re off the river, you will have access to your cell phone.


Each group will meet at a location selected by their organization. Participants will be driven by a professional transportation service or in vehicles rented and driven by their organization’s staff. The drive will take approximately 8 hours from Portland to White Bird, Idaho. 



The group will end the journey at the US Army Corps of Engineers Park in Clarkson, Washington via jet boat. The return from Clarkston to Portland takes approximately 6 hours.