our model

It starts with the river. 


The Lower Salmon River in Idaho is where our programs take place. Part of the longest un-dammed river in the country, it flows through the largest wilderness area, and the second deepest canyon, in the continental United States. The wild and remote setting of the Salmon River provides an exciting opportunity for adventure, and no other river has the same mixture of uncontrolled power, remarkable beauty and remote isolation. We traverse the lower 53 mile stretch of the Salmon to the confluence with the Snake river, exploring a new canyon each day and sleeping under the stars each night. Thrilling whitewater, white-sanded beaches, and breathtaking views dot the canyons of the Lower Salmon river, all of which lay in front of us as we embark on the four day journey. We'll face challenges, demonstrate strength, overcome numerous obstacles on and off the water, and take in the profound beauty of the wilderness we're within. The Salmon River has forever captured the hearts of numerous river guides, and continues to be a favorite among many of them. 

We choose a vessel.

We offer two types of boating experiences for our programs: single-person inflatable kayaks and a paddle raft.

Our recommendation? Paddle the custom-designed inflatable kayaks. Each person paddles themselves down the river in individual boats with thorough instruction from our guiding and leadership staff. This “paddle yourself” experience puts you in the driver's seat and in control with the support of the guides and staff alongside you. We endure the challenges presented by a river head-on while facing fears, building confidence, and learning a new skill; furthermore, we explore the connections between the things accomplished on the water in the kayak and our daily lives.

That said, we are certainly aware this type of challenge isn’t fitting for everyone. We offer a paddle raft option for those who operate best sharing the challenges of the river as a team. In this craft a group of up to eight participants paddles with a staff guide in the back of the boat, leading the group and steering through rapids. The paddle raft will be an option throughout the program should any participant feel uncomfortable or wish to switch out of their inflatable kayak.

Our journey begins.

We believe that the river is very much a metaphor for life, and the unique whitewater rafting experience we provide parallels the lives we lead. There are moments of turmoil and moments of stillness, of extraordinary challenge and adversity all-along the river, as with life. While successfully navigating the Lower Salmon River, we reflect on our experiences and find ways to channel those learnings, gains in confidence, and skills learned into our lives upon returning from the program. Paddling rivers offers a transformational experience and we have designed a standard curriculum, adapted to each partner organization, to maximize the effectiveness of this truly spectacular river setting. We work with our partners uniquely to create the perfect balance of curriculum to meet the goals and objectives of the partner organization.   


  • Participants learn to safely navigate class III and IV rapids and manage risk in whitewater. 
  • Our curriculum is designed to support individual success and group development through overcoming challenges together in a natural setting. 
  • We focus on reflection and group collaboration to encourage learning from daily experiences and decisions on the river.


  • We recognize, understand, and encourage the celebration of human differences.
  • Each participant is encouraged to own their sense of self, persevere, and challenge limitations they have given themselves.
  • We foster a safe environment in which people can connect, find support, and share joy.     


  • Our participants often have little or no wilderness experience, and by increasing access and providing opportunities for wilderness experiences through our program, we aim to cultivate a sense of enjoyment, responsibility, and appreciation for our natural world. 
  • Our program takes place on the the Wild and Scenic Rogue River in Oregon and Lower Salmon River in Idaho, one of the longest free-flowing rivers in the lower 48 states. 
  • We operate under the Leave No Trace principles.