River lingo 3/4

This is the third in a series of four posts. Many of these glossary terms are used in the whitewater community, along with some that are specific to LEAP and our sister company, Orange Torpedo Trips (OTT). This week we have some verbs for you!

Boof: To launch over a rock/pourover/etc. such that the boat lands flat and the front of the IK doesn’t go underwater. A fun maneuver if done correctly.

Bleed: To let air out of a seat or boat.

Ferry: To cross the river (often with gear or people in tow or in your boat) such that you don’t end much further downriver than you started.

Surf: To position your IK facing upstream so that you remain in place on the crest of a wave.

High-siding: When the side of a boat tips upward against a rock, should be avoided so that the raft or IK doesn’t tip.

Swimmer: Someone who has fallen out of their boat, often yelled so that guides know to go get that person.

Dumping: When you fall out of your boat!

Yard sale: When everything (human included) falls out of their boat, equipment is strewn about the river, resembles an actual yard sale.