LEAP Wilderness Leader Internship

Sponsored by the Cameron Sauvain Scholarship Foundation

Mission: To provide lasting outdoor leadership opportunities for those who embody the spirit of Cameron Sauvain.

The Cameron Sauvain Endowment Fund was created to honor the memory of Cameron Sauvain. Cameron was a young man from the Portland community who valued the camaraderie found with teammates and friends as well as the harmony experienced in the outdoors. One could often find him camping with friends, cruising down a mountain on a snowboard, or fishing along a river. He was creative; an accomplished glass artist and a budding oil painter, always gaining inspiration from the world around him. In memory of his shortened life, the Cameron Sauvain Endowment fund provides opportunities for individuals to become future leaders.

The Cameron Sauvain Scholarship Foundation provides opportunities for young adults ages 18 – 24 to take part in a 3-week summer internship that includes training for, and participation in, two LEAP programs. This internship will serve as a first-step program for individuals to cultivate outdoor leadership skills while engaging with individuals who are overcoming adversity in their lives.

Applications will be accepted from LEAP program alumni and outside interested parties. Priority will be given to individuals who have either completed a LEAP program or have a previous or existing relationship with a partner organization.


The 3-week long internship will take place over a July or August term, with river training occurring June 17-20 in Southern Oregon. A scholarship award  will fund the individual who is awarded the internship for the 2018 summer season. This award will cover the the following costs:  

  • Whitewater and on-river program training

  • Provided river gear for duration of internship

  • Transportation to and from Idaho

  • Food and Lodging between programs

  • Institutional credit, if applicable.

  • A stipend will be awarded as payment upon the internship’s completion.

 Applicants must be 18 by June 1st, 2019 to be eligible to apply. Scholarship recipients are announced each year by mid-late May.

LEAP Wilderness Leader Internship Application

Applications for the 2019 Summer season are due by April 15th, 2019

Applications are accepted on an on-going basis and are reviewed in April/May for the following season

Name *
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Have you attended a LEAP program?

Essay & Recommendation

please address the following questions IN A ONE-PAGE ESSAY or 3-5minute video:

  • How do you best embody Cameron’s spirit for others and love of the outdoors? How would you be a positive example to others?

  • Cameron lived with passion, dedication, and teamwork. Share about a situation where you worked in a team environment. How did you lead or support your fellow teammates? How did you work through any challenges or differences?

  • If you were awarded the scholarship, how would it influence your life?

  • What are your future plans and goals?


Submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or any other adult who can comment on your character and why you should receive this award.

Please submit the application form (above) and send your recommendation and essay/video to: VALERIE@LEAPADVENTURE.ORG

with the subject “Cameron Sauvain Scholarship Fund.” Note that only applications that have fully submitted all documents will be reviewed.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to reviewing your application soon!